Cream City Soccer Academy isn't your average run of the mill youth soccer camp or soccer clinic's.  Cream city soccer continues to seek out new, exciting, fun and engaging age appropriate activities for all cream city soccer Participants.  Cream City Soccer Believes We Offer Something Different for all the Cream City Soccer #Littles and #bigs.  Our Summer Camps Are Filled With Activities That Support Proper Development As Well As the Use Of Specific Muscle Movements Which Increase Athleticism.  Check Out This Video Of A Section Of Our Locally Famous, "AGILITY CENTER". 

Cream City Soccer is always looking to improve the current soccer curriculum we use, however there are several proven activities we consider must do's like the game "oUCH".    Check out these two videos with directions and the action packed game that is "oUCH".  

These exercises are a tiny sample of activities done at Cream city soccer camps.  Next Summer can't come soon enough!